Saturday, 21 December 2013

Meet Harold & Harriet - Upcycled Toilet Roll Holders

Sometimes you need something and you think "Do you know what - I'll make one of those" - or is that just me?  Anyway I decided some while ago that I needed a toilet roll holder so after a quick trip to the charity shop I returned with a wooden bowl and Harold.  A bit of glue later and my toilet roll holder was complete.  However, the loo Harold was assigned to was very chilly so I decided he needed a hat and scarf to keep the cold out - so I knitted them for him.  Here he is ...

Harold - guardian of the toilet roll
and in close up ...
Harold sporting hat & scarf

Anyway it wasn't long before I felt the need to make another for an equally chilly establishment - cue Harriet.  However Harriet came bare breasted which didn't seem very appropriate in a small cold room so I knitted her a warm jumper ...

Harriet - guardian of yet more toilet roll
and made her a beaded necklace just in case she felt she needed one ...

Harriet plus jumper & necklace

They no longer have to live in very chilly conditions but they've kept their home knits all the same.

So if you haven't got enough to do this Christmas ...or you've still got a Christmas present or two to conjure up why not make your own Harold or Harriet.  (Tip - do make sure the loo roll will go over them - otherwise you may have made an interesting bowl for your Christmas nuts!) Makes a change from the doll with the knitted frock - who remembers those?  

Talking of which if Action Man is more your thing then check out Sally Spinks' "Granny wouldn't like it" series of loo roll holders - you could even buy your "Action Man" one for Christmas (or birthday/Valentine's Day/Father's Day etc.). They're fantastic!  Check them out here:


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