About Me

I create contemporary jewellery and textiles, making use of constructed fabric and buttons. 

Art or Craft? 
I love texture and colour - the way they capture your attention and make things more tactile and eye catching.  They are important starting points for the items I choose to use in my work or in the fabrics that I construct and develop for use in my jewellery.  It's interesting to start with one fabric and, through layering and collage, end up with something other.  A lot of my work involves stitching and embellishment.  I feel this gives my work a "must touch" element.

My other pre-occupation is with buttons.  As a child, I always loved to rummage through my Grandmother’s button tin.  This fascination with fabulous buttons continues and now I try to incorporate them as often as possible in my work.  I like the way old buttons bring a history with them and finding new uses for buttons as jewellery or decoration is a pleasure.

Grandma's Button Tin 
I try to give my work a fun and funky edge that will appeal to all sorts of people.

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